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Leaders in Broadcasting &


Our goal is the delivery of innovative, tailor-made technological solutions that give our customers quantifiable added value. We achieve this with our dedicated personnel, our long-standing experience and the latest telecommunications and broadcasting technology. 


Our relationships with customers, subcontractors, and employees are guided by an attitude of partnership and long-term value. This is paired with a team with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Our Services

Wayang Teknical Soluções Globais has over 20 years of international experience, initially specialised in radiofrequency systems for sound broadcasting, television and radio communications. Our growth is associated with major deployments of digital television and private radio, and subsequently to fibre optic networks and FTTH access in Portugal and Spain. 
Wayang Teknical Soluções Globais combines specific product development with systems integration and we offer a complete portfolio of specialised professional services that include engineering, installation, operation and maintenance. 

Our Services


Our projects are complemented with added services in training and maintenance of local personnel in our facilities and equipment.


For Wayang, maintenance

and training are key areas in achieving success for every stakeholder.


Wayang is an independent engineering firm, capable of providing the best solutions to his clients, offering experienced personnel with several projects of DTTV's integration in several countries. We have the best management tools and conception of technical projects, as well as the human resources and technical personnel necessary for its implantation. 

TV Signal

Wayang is present in the whole chain of emission of Tv's signal, from the codification and multiplex of the contents, the technical resources for the distribution via IP networks up to the centers of emission, the transmitters and the necessary radiant systems. We also have the technical resources for the certification and test of the signals of Tv and of it's correct reception and broadcasting. 



Result of our experience in projects of implantation of the DTTV, we conduct a extensive and accurate study to guarantee the coverage in those points of population that might seem complicated at first. In case of shades of emission, we propose GAP's Fillers implementation, capable of providing the same standards of reception. 


Wayang proposes the DVB-T2 standard in order to optimise the frequency spectrum and the quality necessary for HD signal.


We are capable of providing solutions for other types of standards as the DTMB and others, on those markets that request it. 

Technical TDT


We have the best technical specialists in different disciplines within DTTV implantation, specialists in works of height for the placement of the microwave links and radiant systems in telecommunication towers, as well as the technical resources necessary for the construction of towers (100 meters and above). We have also the best solutions for the conception of head-ends for the management of all the signs of the television and its technical control. 


Our Suppliers

  Wayang cooperates in the Engineering and project conception only with the best manufacturers, with the real needs of our clients in mind. We have been in charge of the integration of transmitters in Portugal and other countries with the brand Elti. We have collaborated close to the Spanish brand EGATEL and Insyte in DTTV's projects in Mali and Tanzania. We are distributors of several Portuguese and Spanish manufacturers such as Modular Global and Egatel. 

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